About me


I am Miha Jamšek, master's student at Faculty of computer and information science at University of Ljubljana. Mostly, I work on developing web solutions and integration of such solutions into bigger. On this site there are presented some of the projects I worked on in the past. The collection includes own projects for passing time, projects developed during studies, projects developed out of need and some more.

Knowledge & technologies

I mostly develop using web technologies, backend as well as frontend. For developing backend, I mostly use platform Java (KumuluzEE/JakartaEE/MicroProfile), occasionally also Node.js (Express.js). In smaller scale I also used Python (Flask) and Go. When developing frontend, I primarily use Angular, occasionally also React (react-dom, also in combination with GatsbyJS and react-native).

Backend technologies

  • Java/JakartaEE
  • Node.js
  • Docker & Docker Compose

Web technologies

  • Angular
  • React
  • GatsbyJS
  • Typescript

Mobile technologies

  • React Native


  • Keycloak
  • Jenkins


After finished elementary school I enrolled into Technical gymnasium at Šolski Center Nova Gorica. During my high school studies, I achieved some prizes in competitions in mathematics, logic, computer science, and computer literacy. I graduated in courses of Slovenian language, Mathematics, Computer science, English language (B2 level) and physics. After Matura exam I enrolled into Faculty of computer and information science, where I study to this day. Because I develop software with great enjoyment, I dedicate a lot of free time to my projects in which I sometimes experiment with new technologies and design patters or simply improving some of the old projects with new ideas. In year 2018 I started to contribute to open-source web framework KumuluzEE. In 2019 I graduated and therefore received a Bachelor's degree of computer and information science (UN classification). After graduation I enrolled in postgraduate program of computer and information science.

Developing library for JavaEE platform

  • Written library for typesafe REST calls in KumuluzEE framework
  • Library written to conform with MicroProfile specifications

Developing DevOps tool

  • Developing DevOps tool to synchronize API gateway endpoints with OpenApi definition of a service as part of a CI pipeline.
  • Developing admin dashboard using Angular
  • Contributing to service using KumuluzEE framework

Published JavaEE library for authentication

  • Developed library for authentication and authorization using OpenIDConnect protocol
  • Initially written to support only Keycloak, later extended to work with any OIDC provider
  • Published library to Maven Central