I am Miha Jamšek and I study at Faculty of computer and information science at University in Ljubljana. Here you can find my projects and projects I contributed to. Some of them are available for download and in case you wish, to do so, I invite you to download them. On this page you can also find links to my other web profiles.


After finished elementary school I enrolled into Technical gymnasium at Šolski Center Nova Gorica. During my high school studies, I achieved some prizes in competitions in mathematics, logic, computer science, and computer literacy. I graduated in courses of Slovenian language, Mathematics, Computer science, English language (B2 level) and physics. After Matura exam I enrolled into Faculty of computer and information science, where I study to this day. Because I develop software with great enjoyment, I dedicate a lot of free time to my projects in which I sometimes experiment with new technologies and design patters or simply improving some of the old projects with new ideas. In year 2018 I started to contribute to open-source web framework KumuluzEE. In 2019 I graduated and therefore received a Bachelor's degree of computer and information science (UN classification). After graduation I enrolled in postgraduate program of computer and information science.


From a technological point of view, I mostly deal with web technologies, backend and frontend. For backend I mostly use platforms Java (KumuluzEE/JavaEE and Spring MVC) and Node.js (Express), while for frontend I use Angular 10. From time to time I also use some Scala, Kotlin, Python, C# on backend and Vue.js and React (with GatsbyJS) on frontend.

Currently I am working on these projects:

  • Tasker